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D. Days D. Days D int

I saw the sun rise on a winters day
I felt the warmth of her caramel skin
As it glowed it the sun light
I saw the wind caress her curls pretending to go unnoticed as it flowed through very strain of hair
She smiled
She laughed
I was happy
I was absorb by her black eyes
Clinging to the thought of her lips for every word she spoke
I was happy
It all felt surreal in this winter morning
Perfection stood by me
Tolerating my imperfection as i worshiped her magnificence
Caramel skin girl,
Such warmth
I believed it was summer


The spider catches the bee and the bee stings the spider. Both are dead, with the bee’s stinger still in the spider.  This is a great example showing why honey bees die after stinging something only once. Their stinger/venom sac are attached to other organs inside the bee, so when the stinger’s barbs lodge into something, everything gets pulled out, potentially including gut, etc and leaving a gaping hole in the bees abdomen. (From Here) 

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